How are your Beliefs effecting your results?

How are your Beliefs effecting your results?

Beliefs frame our experiences- beliefs provide a frame so we can determine:
• What is significant and what is not significant
• What is important and what is not important
• What is worth paying attention to and what can be deleted

What beliefs do:
• They act as a filter- you pay attention to what is important and delete what is not
• They determine what you can and can’t do in the present and the future
• They determine your response at any given time
• Beliefs structure your experiences
• We act as if our beliefs were true
• Beliefs give purpose to our lives

Once we have developed a belief, it may stop us from searching or seeking out more information

How to Stay Stuck
In order to preserve a limiting belief you need to do some or all of the following:
• Only seek confirming instances of the belief
• Delete or even refuse to consider disconfirming instances of the belief
• Rationalise disconfirming instances by regarding them as “special cases”
• Distort new evidence
• Dispute the credibility of the source of new information

How to Un-stick Yourself
In order to change limiting beliefs, you need to recognise that a belief has just been your current best thinking up until now.
• Be open to believing new things
• Be open to doubting new realities
• Seek out disconfirming instances
• Explore how your beliefs relate to each other
• Know that a belief has it’s own context, and that as you change your point of view, or the frame, then you may need to change your belief

Beliefs and Time
Our beliefs will determine how we:
• Explain and interpret our past
• Experience, validate and justify our present
• Imagine our future and what is possible for us

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