Afraid of Feedback? How about Feedforward?

Afraid of Feedback? How about Feedforward?

What is feedback and why are we so afraid to accept it?

Normally we hear the word ‘feedback’ and we think criticism, judgement and negativity. Some people think that by asking others for ideas to help you improve that somehow this is a weakness. In the 21st Century, this is the way we help and collaborate with one another to improve ourselves and our businesses.

Marshall Goldsmith one of the top coaches in the world shares his Feedforward model:

  1. Choose one behaviour that you would like to change that will make a positive difference
  2. State this behaviour “I want to…”
  3. Ask for 2 suggestions for the future that might help you make a positive change
  4. Listen attentively and without any judgement
  5. Say “thank you” for the suggestion

Example of questions that you might ask in step 2.

  • What might be a good way for me to help improve my listening skills with you?
  • How can I demonstrate that I care about this business?
  • What would be a good way for me to show that I care about my team?
  • How can I slow down?
  • How can I have more impact with you?


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