Do you know your purpose?

How we ask and answer questions in each of the levels of learning and change model, reveals how we operate at the level of values, beliefs and behaviour.

The concept of logical levels of learning and change was initially formulated as a mechanism in the behavioral sciences by anthropologist Gregory Bateson, based on the work of Bertrand Russell in logic and mathematics. Each level encompassing and organizing elements from the level below it, and each having a greater degree of impact on the individual, organism or system.

These five levels build together to clarify our purpose / mission in life.

What type of organisation do you want your company to be?

The various beliefs we think are true, and use as a basis for our daily action. It will answer the question “WHY” – reasons, explanations, ideas.

These are general skills and strategies which we use in our life. It will answer the question “HOW”– processes, sequences, relationships.

The specific actions we carry out. It will answer the question “WHAT” in elation to activities, things, objects, information.

What we react to, our surroundings. It will answer the question “WHEN?” or “WHERE” in relation to time (past, present, future), places and context.

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