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Would you like to be more motivated?

About three months ago I had the privilege to be invited to work with the senior team at D&A College. Having spoken with the Assistant Principal we agreed that Strengthscope would be a useful frame to hang a whole lots of conversations around and so I set about doing one to one Strengthscope feedback meetings… Read More

Appraisal meetings – are you focusing on peoples Strengths?

For many business leaders, managers, and employees, the annual performance review season is a painful process. Taking time to review and reflect on performance is a valuable part of growing and stretching professionally but the traditional annual performance review can actually sabotage professional growth. According to Mercer’s 2013 Global Performance Management Survey, only 3% of… Read More

Technology – should we be worried?

Have you ever been to a talk or conference where you wake up the next day wishing you’d asked a dozen questions? Well that’s how I felt yesterday morning having attended a talk hosted by Dundee and Angus Chamber with Microsoft and Chris van der Kuyl. Chris founded the Tayforth group and 4J Studios, which… Read More

High Performing Teams Focus on Strengths

ARE YOU PLAYING TO YOUR STRENGTHS? Focused Leadership leads to increased financial performance! The Advantage that companies derive from working with Key Talent Partners on their Leadership Development is undeniable. They report that they get more done in less time. They avoid losing their best people. They identify problems earlier and solve them faster. They… Read More