What Makes a Great Team?

Great teams build great businesses.

Having been a General Manager for many years before I discovered Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and psychometrics I thought that I was doing a pretty good job. Looking back, that wasn’t really the case. Of course I was doing the best with what I had, but at no point did I stop and consider that there might be another way to engage, motivate and influence the people that I was meant to be leading.

The benefit of ‘teams’ is well document, but simply throwing people together is not what an effective team is all about. In fact, team building, when you are striving for a productive and supportive environment takes conscious decision making and an above average understanding of individuals within the team.

High performance teams are characterised by:
•Team performance management that sets and continuously measures the achievements of the team against the organisation’s goals
•Team behaviours and values that everyone “buys in to” and consistently demonstrates even in the face of adversity
•Challenging and supportive team environment that fosters these behaviours and performance measures, helping to create and nurture a strong team identity
•Team identity or ‘brand’ that is recognised by those inside and outside the team

If you think about an effective team you have been part of in the past or may be currently working in, you may recognise some of these characteristics:

High Performing Teams invite conflict. They are open and honest and above all else trust one another. They see differences of opinions as healthy and a way to grow, learn and change. They don’t fear speaking out or of being judged.

They are free to have an opinion and in fact they see their ideas as valued and encouraged.

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2 thoughts on “What Makes a Great Team?

  1. Interesting article Eleanor and the points you make are very valid and useful for your readers. There is just one additional angle I’d throw up, more as a question for thinking about than a definitive academic view.

    The question is: Are there times when a group of individuals is a better organisational structure than a team?

    I remember reading or discussing some work on this many years ago and for me it is an important question to ask first. I can certainly say that I have in my experience of leading businesses up to 500 people come across the occasional (and it is the exception) where I’ve concluded that a group of individuals is better for the business than a team.

    Keep up the interesting writing – and please read my blog too (if you don’t already) for reciprocal thought provocation!

    1. Thanks Bob. Yes, I agree. I think that there are times when groups can work well and achieve the task in hand. I doubt how long they will function well as a ‘group’ and over a period of time, the trust and relationships will erode making them less effective in the long run. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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