Focus Groups

Leadership Focus Group 2017 Feedback

Paul Crichton, Managing Partner, MMG Archbold
The leadership focus group gives me the ability to discuss a wide range of issues affecting my business and the experience in the group helps me deal with issues I could not do elsewhere – It’s invaluable for me.

John Macmillan, Managing Partner, MacRoberts LLP
The test of success for me is that when you are heading to a meeting a bit busy and sometimes wondering if you can really spare the time, you still come away feeling much the better for it.

Ken Scobie, Operations Manager, Tokheim
The LFG really helps me get to grips with my thoughts and the challenges that I am facing. Even when I’m time pressured, it’s a great use of my time.

Leadership Focus Group 2016 Feedback

Grant Ritchie
I have attended every session of the new Dundee group and I have really enjoyed the discussion and analysis of problems and issues. The group is tremendously concentrated on offering strong support and thoughtful responses to management problems. Janice and Eleanor lead the group with sensitivity but are also concentrated on ensuring that individuals are responsible for taking forward solutions and putting ideas into action.

Ken Scobie
The group has been a great forum, not just to share ideas but to challenge and support each other. Trust amongst the participants has grown very quickly through the support and guidance of Eleanor and Janice. It is a fun and energetic way of finding fundamental ways of improving personal performance with every session becoming a little gold mine of opportunity.

Paul Crichton
The best value I get is sharing issues in a confidential and trusted environment, exploring possible solutions to these issues so that when I get back to the office I can make progress on moving the business to being great.