Gordon Thomson IT & ERP Specialist, Dover Fluid Management (Oct 2016)
Looking back, had you not engaged with this development process, where do you think DMC would be now as a result of all the recent changes at Tokheim?

“We would still be attempting to put in place improvements and meeting resistance. There would be less cross departmental working, more stress on individuals due to change of ownership and a depression amongst us as we try and understand how to achieve our goals without a framework.”

Ben Shippey Director, Dundee Institute for Healthcare Simulation, University of Dundee (2016/2017)
Having moved from a 20 year career in clinical medicine, into a role which demanded a different set of skills around managing people and projects in the context of a higher education institution I chose to look for a coach to help me broaden my skill-set. Eleanor coached me on a number of aspects of my performance over the year, with a significant impact on my ability, and comfort, within my role.

We covered a lot of ground, largely around developing working professional relationships. I now have greater self awareness and am able to manage myself in a way which allows me to interact in a directed and rational way. I am spending much more time and effort on relationship building. This approach has allowed me to turn some very challenging relationships into productive and open ones. Lastly, and perhaps most helpfully, my ‘management approach’ has changed from ‘what we need you to do’ to ‘how can I help you perform to the best of your ability’. I have enjoyed (and often been challenged by) our conversations.

Senior Manager, University of Dundee (2016/2017)
Working with Eleanor helped me to learn how to self-reflect and developed my emotional intelligence, allowing me to take a step back from situations and look at them more maturely than previously. This allowed me to see the bigger picture and overcome previous insecurities and have more confidence in my abilities as a manager.

There is so much I could say here! I valued Eleanor’s honesty and her gentle but firm approach. There’s nowhere to hide in a coaching scenario and Eleanor has a very unique skill in being able to make someone feel like it’s OK when they are at their most vulnerable.

Eleanor invests 110% in her clients, and I feel like she understood me before I really understood myself! Eleanor clearly spent a lot of time in preparing for each of our sessions and always pushed me just the right amount. The additional psychoanalysis tools she used allowed me to see myself from an entirely new perspective, and the recommended reading and video material were absolutely relevant to me and allowed me to deepen my knowledge and awareness around the area we worked on together.

Dr Luke Newman, University of Dundee (2016)
Working with Eleanor over the last three months has enabled the team and me to develop our communication with one another and with our stakeholders. There’s more empathy and understanding and the trust within the team has grown, enhancing the delivery of the service that we are there to provide. We look forward to continuing our journey with Eleanor next year.

mikegilbertMike Gilbert, Mechanical Engineering Manager, Tokheim UK (2015 and 2016)
It was a learning curve for all of us as a group and as individuals (some more than others) and I suppose everyone went on their own journey. Overall for me it’s been really very positive. The intangible things have been really important. Trust is a big one.

I saw a real shift in the group in the third session; we started to speak about the elephant in the room. We talked about people and the need for us all to be honest, take the armour off and we started to open up. All of these incremental steps were good.

I was committed to and bought into the process very early on and it was good to see other team members go from being sceptical to buying into the process and saw how it could benefit them. As a team we’re starting to make parallels with other companies (as witnessed at seminar held at Jaguar plant last week). The management team that was part of seminar discussed this at one of our team building sessions (at Jaguar) and the fact that someone just has to use a buzz word and it takes us back to our conversation during our sessions with Eleanor of creating the legacy we are aspiring too.

The Strengthscope exercise was really useful in helping us as individuals realising our strengths and weaknesses. Getting feedback after the sessions from someone saying they see a difference in you but not to be complacent, we know we’re on a journey and we’re getting there. I believe things are clicking with other members of the workforce.

I’ve taken from the coaching that it’s okay to be open and honest, to say I just want to improve my skills, I’m not the final product but I’m getting assistance on what I need to improve.

jakeshortJake Short, Customer Care Manager, Tokheim UK (2015 and 2016)
I was really encouraged when I knew we were going to be doing some coaching as a group as I hadn’t felt part of the group beforehand. I knew the answer lay with us and that we had to changed ourselves before we expect everyone else to change. I understand the ‘soft skills’ are fundamentally important things and was eager to get into the process. I liked Eleanor’s softer approach which got us to open up. We were able to have a good discussion and start to resolve issues which previously hadn’t been spoken about.

It’s been great to see members of the group come out of themselves and get involved and work together.

I would highly recommend working with Eleanor and I look forward to having the opportunity to work with her in 2017 both within the activities in the senior team and with my own department.

Gordon Hume, Materials Manager, Tokheim UK (2015 and 2016)
When we started in December 2015, I was one of the sceptical members of the senior team. But I can now see from the sessions that Eleanor facilitated how I interact with the team and what I need to do to improve my interactions and relationships. The sessions helped me confirm beliefs I have about myself and reminded me about the areas that I still need to work on.

I think the whole team has gained insights into each another’s strengths and preferences. Its’ helped us to be more understanding of one another. I’m aware that we need to listen to one another more.

The biggest difference for me in the 11 month journey is to be less judgemental and listen more to others. We also now have a common language to speak with one another about issues. We are more accepting of a level of failure without it being about ‘who’s to blame.’ We’re now open to learning from situations and one another. More interested in finding out where we can learn from issues, more inclusive and cohesive. The culture is changing. It’s now about continuous improvement and learning.

People are more engaged- we’re still on a journey but now the team are aware and willing to go the next step.

Gordon Thomson, EMEA ERP & Business Systems Manager Tokheim UK (2015 and 2016)
The sessions with the senior team in 2015 have helped me build my skills and knowledge to aid me in personal management skills, the creation of a teams and how to get the best from teams. I now have a closer working relationship with other team members.

Eleanor helped us to see how to improve cooperation between departments and how to feel part of one team.

Eleanor demonstrated a very personal service. She was keen to understand me as an individual and how I relate in the group. Even better at observing the group dynamics and adjusting the program on the fly to take into account the needs of the team.

If we hadn’t undertaken these workshops we would still be attempting to put in place improvements and meeting resistance. Departments would still be working as teams but there would be less cross departmental working. There would be more stress on individuals due to change of ownership. There would be a depression among us as we tried to understand how to achieve our goals without the framework we now have.

barryjohnstoneBarry Johnstone, Area Director of Caledonia Housing Group (2015)
I worked with Eleanor for 6 months as part of an executive coaching programme. The coaching was of significant value, providing a helpful and insightful learning experience. Eleanor’s considerable experience and knowledge provided a tailored coaching experience that reflected my individual leadership requirements in the context of my role and specific organisational priorities. I found Eleanor empathetic while being prepared to challenge, organised and always well prepared with an in-depth understanding of the best coaching approaches and leadership and psychological disciplines. Indeed, Eleanor’s skill as an executive coach was evident in the ability to consistently ask the right questions to deliver the right answer! A very positive and rewarding experience. Accordingly, I would highly recommend Eleanor to individuals and organisations that are considering executive coaching.

timthumbTim Allan, CEO Unicorn Property Group (2015)
I have been in business for 17 years and benefited from great mentoring in my early days at Citigroup. Since becoming a business owner in my own right 10 years ago, I have never had a coach and so I was interested to find out what Eleanor had in mind for our 2.5 hour coaching session. Eleanor very quickly established rapport, built trust and listened to a wide range of business and life issues! She really helped me coalesce some thoughts that had been around for a while giving me greater awareness of my business approach. This has set me on a course of action which I believe will result in my business life moving to a new level of growth.

Having taken training for granted in the corporate world, I had forgotten just how coaching can benefit you to access greater potential and deliver results. If you’re running a business that is going through change or you are looking to grow or develop your business, I’d recommend you speak with Eleanor: it has been very refreshing.

timthumb2Derek Grant, Partner MMG Archbold (2014)
I have had the pleasure of working with Eleanor when our firm took the plunge to engage her services to help construct our strategy and, in particular, the development of leadership skills among the Management team. It has been a real eye-opener for me since I approached the coaching with a large degree of scepticism about its usefulness. However, looking back now I can say that it was one of the best decisions we made and I have learned a huge amount both about myself and others. If you are looking for someone to help you or your team develop new skills or enhance existing ones or help with employee engagement then I would highly recommend Eleanor. And, if like me, you don’t think you need her assistance you might find yourself being pleasantly surprised.

timthumb3Dr Lisa Anderson, University of Dundee (2015)
Eleanor delivered a series of‘taster’ workshops on a range of profiling tools including Firo-B, Strengthscope, MBTI and Thomas Kilmann conflict model, culminating in one to one coaching sessions. This allowed the OPD managers an invaluable insight into Eleanor’s facilitation and people skills, as well as potential tools and training workshops that would fulfill a developmental need at the institute. Throughout the process Eleanor was very approachable, credible and friendly. Her professional manner, attitude and passion to staff development were aligned with both our administrative requirements and customer base. Eleanor’s workshop, ‘Advanced Communication Skills’ now features as part of our suite of new workshops in the core training and development programme for staff at the University of Dundee in 2014/15. ‘We would have no hesitation in recommending Eleanor and her business, to colleagues in other Higher Education Institutes and hope to continue to expand our own existing relationship.

timthumb5Paul Crichton, Managing Partner MMG Archbold (2013 and on-going)
Eleanor is great at putting you at ease and we started coaching in May 2013. Even after only three short coaching interactions, I’m now starting to see how my behaviour generates the responses that I get back from people and so I’m now more reflective and considerate of what I do and how I do it. I have noticed some very positive interactions recently from my team and I’m sure that it’s due to me being more aware of the impact that I’m having as a result of working with Eleanor. She is also facilitating some team sessions with the myself and the other Partners at MMG Archbold we are looking to roll out some of what Eleanor has done with us to the wider team. If you are looking to improve your performance as a leader/manager, I would recommend speaking with Eleanor.

timthumb7Dave Robertson, Director of European Operations Perforce Software Ltd (2011)
Perforce Software UK engaged Key Talent Partners to run an Effective Communication workshop at an important time in the company’s growth. The workshop helped the team to gel and acquire skills that have enabled us to grow our business. It has given everyone confidence to communicate and has helped to bring in new business more quickly than before. I would recommend it to anyone as a way of advancing both professionally and personally.

timthumb9Nadine Vincent, Head of Client Service Centre of Excellence EMEA RBS N.V. – Global Transaction Services (2011)
I have known Eleanor for over 5 years during various team building events and personal leadership sessions. Eleanor has helped the various groups I have been part of in growing from groups of individuals who were just dealing with each other to true teams. She is able to challenge in a constructive way and gains people’s commitment to be open and to change. She adapts to the groups she is dealing with, makes sure people are clear on what they want to get from the sessions and provides a framework that helps the teams to define their identity and operate more efficiently. I have also had the opportunity to work with Eleanor as a personal leadership coach for some time and she has helped me develop my self-awareness and understand the impact I have on others. Thanks to her support and insight I have been able to develop into a stronger manager with clear objectives on what I want from my job and from life in general. This has been very valuable on both professional and personal fronts. I have seen Eleanor develop over the years and adjust her style to the people and groups she is coaching. I am impressed by the dedication Eleanor shows to her self development by continuously studying in new fields of her profession. I enjoy working with Eleanor as I feel she is not just doing her job but is genuinely interested in what goes on for her clients.

tonysmithTony Smith, Vice President of Engineering at Perforce Software (2008)
Eleanor is professional and knowledgeable, and her training has dramatically altered the way that I manage myself, my team, my peers and my superiors. I have very much enjoyed working with Eleanor, and would recommend her to any managers seeking a coach.