Individual Development

Individual Development

One-to-one Executive Coaching

What will Executive Coaching do for me?

Executive Coaching will help you to get to the ‘nub of the issue’ in a short space of time. It consists of a series of one-to-one conversations that are designed to raise your awareness and help you tap into your true potential. Coaching conversations raise your awareness and help you focus on achieving your goals.

Manager as Coach

Our three-day Manager as Coach programme enables managers to develop the skills necessary to empower and motivate their team members by applying tried and tested coaching methods.

By developing your ability to ask powerful questions and listen without distraction, you will invite people to think of solutions for themselves. This creates greater efficiency and motivation within the team and allows you time to concentrate on the future direction of the business.

Companies who focus on developing individual team members can expect to see an increase in engagement and overall employee satisfaction.