Skills Development

Skills Development

How to Delegate Effectively

  • Learn what Delegation is and where, when and how to use it effectively.
  • Learn the difference between delegation, allocation and abdication.
  • Learn how to let go, safe in the knowledge that you can trust that the person you have delegated to is accountable and jointly responsible for the completion of the task and that they are confidence in what they have been asked to do and have a road map for getting there.

How to Have Crucial Conversations

  • Many people in organisations struggle to have the necessary conversations in order to hold the right people accountable.
  • This workshop will show you how to tackle difficult conversations and give you a process for conducting these types of conversations easily.

How to Deliver an Effective Appraisal Meeting

  • Everyone benefits from knowing how they are doing and what they need to focus on. All too often though, appraisals aren’t completed or are completed badly as people don’t see the benefit in ‘wasting time’ doing these types of interviews.
  • Learn how the appraisal meeting can benefit you, your team and the organisation.