Team Development

Team Development

Team coaching

  • Do the people in your business pull together to achieve results?
  • Do they perform at their individual best?
  • Do they trust and respect one another?
  • Do they hold one another to account for achieving results?
  • Are they committed to doing their best work every day?

Companies who focus on developing high performing teams can expect to see an increase of around 25% in bottom line results within a matter of months.

Managing conflict in the workplace

By developing a robust sense of trust and managing unhealthy conflict, your team can focus on more important issues such as delivering outstanding client service both to your internal and external clients.

Two-day Introduction to Effective Team working

Learn to work together as a real TEAM not just a group of people in the same department. Start to gain some insights into what motivates you and your colleagues and form a vision for where you would like to take your team.

Developing a High Performing Team

Do you want to move from being a Good Team to a Great Team? Have you aspirations of playing to your strengths on a daily basis and developing a team culture where people are truly motivated and enjoy coming to work? A truly successful team has a high level of emotional awareness. They are able to build on their strengths and manage their weaknesses making them inspiring and successful.

Ongoing team assessment and top up

This is an opportunity to check-in with the team and have an outside facilitator gather crucial information on how the team really feels it is working and what else it needs to thrive.  Stay one step ahead of the competition.